Wildlife in Charlotteville, Tobago

The White House Garden is a good place to start watching wildlife, surrounded by forest and bamboos as we are. Keen birdwatchers have spotted around 50 kinds of birds in and from the garden and quite a few more around the village and the beaches. There are noisy cocricots, colourful motmots and parrots, beautiful barred antshrikes and blue tanagers and many more. Over the bay we can see Frigate birds also called Man-o-War birds, pelicans, and laughing gulls. A couple of days ago we watched an iguana in a tree in the garden for an hour or two. Red squirrels also frequent the trees. There are small green tree frogs, stick insects, fire flies at night, striking butterflies and so much more. The other day we went snorkelling from Curtis’s boat out at the edge of Man-o-War Bay at a place called Landslide. The visibility wasn’t at its best as we’ve had quite a bit of rain, but we could see beautiful corals and many wonderful fishes. We didn’t see any turtles but sometimes one does. Entomologists are in their element and a couple of Americans are in the village now studying Dragonflies and Damsel flies. Rarely we are lucky enough to see a small snake but fortunately there aren’t any poisonous snakes in Tobago. Let’s hope Charlotteville’s biodiversity is conserved.

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