Tropical storm Tomas

The storm hit Charlotteville in the early hours of Sunday 31st October. I have never known such heavy rain anywhere in the world but there was little wind. The rain continued for about 5 or 6 hours. The small stream by the White House became a frightening surging torrent. The road by the house was a river flowing over the bridge. Afterwards groups of people quietly walked the village to see the damage and who needed help. We could see landslides all around. Thankfully no one in Charlotteville was seriously injured but some houses were severely damaged with mud flowing through them. The village roads were covered in inches of mud and some were impassable by cars. We went down to the village centre and there was a party going on, a celebration that we had survived and life goes on. What spirit. Next day the big cleanup began. Meanwhile Tomas proceeded north, became a full blown hurricane and caused severe destruction in some of the islands. For instance St Lucia lost most of its banana crop.

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